Tree pruning is performed as outlined in the ANSI A300 standards.

Crown cleaning

Cleaning is the removal of dead, dying, diseased, or weakly attached limbs.  We would look for crossing branches, also.


Removing stems 1 - 3 inches diameter and 10 - 20% of foliage to reduce risk of limb or tree failure.


Raising is the removal of lower limbs to clear for structures, vehicles, pedestrians, etc.


Many trees are susceptible to co-dominant stem or v-shaped forks that can be assisted by installing cables.


Trees that need to be removed are done with respect to structures, wires and landscape underneath. Many times limbs and logs are rigged with ropes to reduce or eliminate the impact on objects underneath. Occasionally boom trucks, boom trailers or cranes will be used. Normally, all wood branches and debris is removed unless specified otherwise.

Stump Grinding

Stumps and surface roots generally are ground to 6 inches below ground level and backfilled with mulch even with the ground.  Let us know if more of the stump needs to be ground.


We sell split oak and split hardwood mix cut to 18 inches long.